Turkish Politics Is Changing Rapidly | Real Turkey

Real Turkey Channel featuring Burak Bilgehan Özpek: Turkish Politics Is Changing Rapidly


Surveys taken since the beginning of the year reveal a visible and steady loss of support for President Erdogan and his AKP+MHP alliance in the Grand Assembly. Once unbeatable, Erdogan failed to defeat the deadly Covid-19 epidemic, which is causing deep economic misery. The opposition is more united than ever and very successful in pointing to his economic failure and the plethora of nepotic and corruption scandals in his close circles and AKP.


Failure seems to have confused the once unperturbable Erdogan who is committing new unforced errors by the day. There is a sense of government vacuum in the country.  How will this game end?  Early elections?  Will he resort to a dictatorship? Can an opposition coalition change Turkey’s fate?


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