About Us

PA Turkey is a group of journalists, analysts and experts mainly from Turkey’s economic and financial sphere hoping to fill a vacuum of reliable financial news out of Turkey.

While our main goal is to keep readers up-to-date with the unfolding economic stories in Turkey related but not limited to companies, stock market, macro matters and anything that could impact an investor’s experience in Turkey and the region, PA Turkey goes beyond the traditional means and ambitions of Turkey’s local English news sites. In the center of our focus is the reader and the reader’s need to access reliable information that does not seek to benefit an ideology or an institution.

Among the services we offer are insider reports with exclusive reporting from some of Turkey’s finest financial journalists; morning bulletins, weekly reports to keep you informed on what happened over the course of that past week and what is expected to happen in the coming week, analysis from some of the most prominent names in Turkey’s financial markets, and special reports on particular sectors based on your request.

For any special requests, questions, or any other enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our editors at [email protected]