Turkey, US to debate over Ukraine war and political relations

İbrahim Kalın, the presidential spokesman and chief foreign policy advisor, met with Jason Crow, a member of the House of Representatives to discuss the bilateral relations, regional developments and joint counterterrorism efforts.

Jason Crow paid a visit to the Turkish capital on Aug. 2 to hold talks with Kalın at the presidential compound. U.S. Ambassador to Türkiye Jeff Flake attended the meeting as well. Kalın and Crow discussed bilateral economic and political relations, cooperation in the field of the defense industry and other top issues of the common agenda.

According to the Turkish media, Kalın underlined the importance of the ties between Türkiye and the U.S., stressing that this relationship can further be improved if the restrictions on economic and defense industry cooperation are lifted. He expressed Ankara’s satisfaction over the U.S. administration support for Türkiye’s request to purchase 40 new F-16 warplanes and 79 modernization kits for its existing fleets, asking a similar approach from the Congress as well.

Although the administration greenlights the sale of these warplanes, the Congress should approve the contract. A recent amendment on an annual defense bill obliges the administration to prove to Congress that this sale to Türkiye is in the U.S. interest and that these planes won’t be used against Greece.

The two men also elaborated on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, particularly the recently brokered grain deal that will pave the way for both warring states to export their food products to the world market to avoid a major food crisis.