Turkey ranks 7th worldwide in health tourism with $2.3B revenue in 2023

Türkiye has emerged as a prominent destination for medical tourists, ranking seventh worldwide in health tourism. Türkiye boasts a robust infrastructure and internationally recognized institutions which contribute to this global popularity as a destination for medical procedures. According to recent data from the trade ministry, health tourism generated $2.3 billion (TL74 billion) in revenues in 2023, increasing from $1.9 billion in 2022.


Moreover, Türkiye witnessed a notable rise in the number of health tourists entering the country, reaching 1.4 million in 2023. In support of the sector’s expansion, the trade ministry substantially increased financing support for companies operating in the health services export sector. Funding reached $22.74 million in 2023, marking a remarkable 281 percent increase.

The trade ministry’s recent statement emphasized the rapid growth of health tourism in Türkiye and outlined ongoing efforts to bolster the sector’s contribution to the economy. These initiatives include enhancing the added value of health tourism, facilitating access to international markets for local companies, and bolstering competitiveness and branding efforts.

As part of the government’s support for the sector, the “Heal in Türkiye” internet portal was launched with the ministry’s support. The portal serves as the primary platform showcasing Türkiye’s health tourism offerings. It currently features 175 institutions operating within the sector. Moreover, it is witnessing a growing number of applications indicating increasing interest and participation.

Türkiye positions itself as a top destination for health tourism with 40 health institutions boasting international accreditation. This accreditation positively influences medical tourist preferences. Moreover, it reinforces Türkiye’s reputation for quality healthcare services.

The health tourism sector in Türkiye saw international interest with most tourists coming from Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. This diverse demographic underscores the country’s appeal as a healthcare destination catering to a wide range of international visitors.