UPDATE: Turkish Parliament Set to Vote on Sweden’s NATO Bid This Week

As reported by Bloomberg, the Turkish parliament is poised to vote on Sweden’s potential entry into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) later this week.

The official, speaking anonymously due to the sensitivity of the matter, stated that the AK Party seeks parliamentary approval to finalize Sweden’s long-awaited NATO membership. If approved, Sweden’s entry would only require Hungary’s agreement to complete the bloc’s Nordic expansion.


Erdogan’s support for Sweden’s NATO membership is entangled in a complex geopolitical web. Turkey’s administration is actively seeking President Joe Biden’s endorsement to acquire 40 new F-16 fighter jets and 79 upgrade kits for the modernization of its existing warplane fleet. The White House has linked the sale of these aircraft to Turkey with Sweden’s accession to NATO, a stance echoed by Erdogan.


According to pro-government daily Hurriyet, the legislation ratifying Swedish membership to NATO is expected to be put on the Parliament’s agenda tomorrow (Today). CNN TÜRK reporter Duygu Ayaz Bayram, who conveyed the latest information, used the following statements:

We expect the regulation regarding Sweden’s NATO membership protocol to appear on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly tomorrow. It was recently discussed in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament. Negotiations on the law would begin tomorrow. However, before the legislative negotiations, the negotiations on the protocol foreseeing Sweden’s membership in NATO are expected to take place. After these deliberations, it will be put to vote.

CNN Turk Washington Representative Yunus Paksoy said, “The final turning point has been reached. There is an atmosphere of expectation  in Washington. After Turkey’s approval, the USA will also approve the F-16 sale.

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