September: Capacity utilization rate rises but real sector confidence index weakens

The manufacturing industry capacity utilization rate (CUR) is announced as 78.1% for September, an increase of 1.0 percentage point from the previous month, according to data released by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey(CBRT).

The seasonally adjusted capacity utilization rate (CUR-MA) also increased by 1.0 percentage points from the previous month to 77.8%.

In September CUR is,

– 75.9% for durable consumer goods,

– 74.0% for non-durable consumer goods,

– 74.3% for consumer goods,

– 79.9% for intermediate goods,

– 77.0% for investment goods.

Real Sector Confidence Index down 0.5 percentage points month-on-month in September: Exports recover but future prospects are weak

According to CBRT data, the real sector confidence index decreased by 0.5 percentage points to 113.4 in September from the previous month. The seasonally adjusted real sector confidence index was 113.3, up 1.1 points from the previous month.

The “total order quantity available”, “total order quantity in the last three months”, “fixed capital investment expenditure”, “assessments of existing finished goods stock” indices all strengthened.  Expectations for “overall trend”, “export order quantity in the next three months”, “production volume in the next three months” and “total employment in the next three months” were weakened.

Assessments that the total orders available were below seasonal normals continued to weaken, while assessments that the current level of finished goods stocks were above seasonal normals in the previous month also weakened.

Sectoral Confidence Indices: Construction continues to weaken

The September report on the sectoral confidence index, which measures the assessments and expectations of officials in the service, retail and construction sectors regarding the economic situation, was published.

The seasonally adjusted confidence index in TURKSTAT data compared to August in September;

–+ 1.5% in the service sector,

– increased by 4.8% in the retail trade sector,

– decreased by 0.7% in the construction sector.