No early elections, but can be sooner than scheduled: AKP

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has been evaluating to pull the election date back but calling for early elections is not on the agenda, the spokesperson of the party Ömer Çelik said on Jan. 2

“Our will for the election calendar is to hold on time, that is on June 18. However, there are some problems that may arise regarding June 18… In other words, an evaluation is made because our citizens are traveling in the country and there is a period of great activity in our country in various ways,” Çelik told reporters.

The party’s evaluation is not on the option of “early election,” Çelik emphasized.

When the summer comes in June, the citizens travel to various parts of Anatolia, he reminded.

“Evaluation is made in that context. This evaluation is about pulling back the calendar a little bit. There is no decision made in our supreme boards. I will share it with you when there is a definite decision,” the spokesperson added.

If an early poll decision is not taken, Turkey will witness presidential and parliament elections on June 18, 2023. Presidential elections will be held to elect the president using a two-round system. If a second round is needed for presidential elections, it will prolong after June 18.

Simultaneously, parliamentary elections will be conducted to elect 600 members of the Grand National Assembly.