New normalization rules with limited hours

President Erdoğan announced after today’s cabinet meeting that the pandemic gradual normalization process will begin as of June 1.

The calendar for June, which will be revised for July, is as follows:

During the month, lockdown restrictions will start at 10 pm on weekdays and end at 5 am. On Saturdays, the lockdown will start am 10 pm and end at 5 pm on Monday, which technically means that it is valid on Sundays.

Eateries such as restaurants and cafes will be able to serve at the table until 9 pm on six days, and deliver package service is allowed midnight.

Weddings and similar organizations will also start from tomorrow.

Minutes after Erdoğan’s announcement, Education Minister Ziya Selçuk said primary schools will open on June 1 as middle and high schools will open on June 7 for two days a week In smaller residential areas with less population, the face-to-face education will resume for five days a week.

Yetkin Report