Minister warns grocery chains not to increase prices too much after minimum wage hike

Trade Minister Mehmed Muş has hosted the heads of four grocery chains to warn them against “unjust price increases.”

“Gathering together with the general directors of the four national grocery chains with the highest number of branches, we warned them about sticker prices after the minimum wage hike,” Muş tweeted today (December 26).

“We will never allow unjust price increases intended to disrupt the order and functioning of the market.

“As the Trade Ministry, we intensely continue our on-site inspections. We are determined to use our means of inspection to the fullest in the fight against unjust price increases.”

The government on Friday announced a 54 percent increase in the minimum monthly wage for 2023.

As soon as the wage hike was announced, price increases in basic goods and foodstuffs were reported from various places across the country.

Amid high inflation unseen since the 1990s, the government has blamed the country’s largest grocery chains for high food prices.

Türkiye’s official inflation rate was 84.39 in November. Inflation in food and non-alcoholic beverages was 74 percent.

With a new regulation enacted on December 7, grocery chains with more than 200 stores are obliged to share their pricing data with the Trade Ministry.