Minister Soylu assures to victims of flood: Damages will be completely gone within a year

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that the total damage of the flood affecting Bartın, Kastamonu, and Sinop is 3.5 billion TL and said, “Damages of the flood will be completely gone within a year.”

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu addressed the citizens who welcomed him before the meeting, met with the flood victims whose houses and workplaces were severely damaged in the flood that occurred in Bartın. Minister Soylu, in his speech, said that the total damage of the flood affecting the provinces of Bartın, Kastamonu, and Sinop is 3.5 billion TL. Soylu also stated that all damages will be gone within a year and that new buildings will be much safer.

Addressing the public in the town of Abdipaşa, Minister Soylu made the following statements in his speech: “Village road, water, bridges, you will perhaps hear this figure for the first time here. The compensation we paid for this flood, the investment we will make so far, according to our calculations, is 3.5 billion in old money. It has exceeded 3.5 quadrillions. It was an instruction of our President. We cannot bring back our losses, but we must hand over to our citizens a better state than our past. Yes, a disaster has damaged us. But every morning when we wake up, we feel this. We know it will be better and safer than ever. The measures will also be better. The buildings will be safer and more secure. The houses we build are not old disaster houses. I want you to know that, in terms of quality. We are working with the excitement of bringing this service together with our citizens. Industrial sites in 4 months it will be over. The completion period of the houses is a year in total. In 1 year, no trace or the slightest trace of the flood will be left here with the permission of Allah. I can say that we are at a different point in terms of reaffirming our nation’s trust, both in terms of coordination, organization, and timely response to disasters. I have never seen such a view in my life. Helicopters of the Turkish Armed Forces, Coast Guard, Gendarmerie, and Police took hundreds of people from the roofs in Bozkurt alone.”Minister Soylu attended the commission meeting at the social facilities after the statements.




Translation: Cem Cetinguc