Grain deal was a ‘product’ of Turkish diplomacy: Erdoğan

Ukrainian grain exports deal signed between Türkiye, the U.N., Russia, and Ukraine was a “product” of Ankara’s diplomatic success, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Aug. 1. 

Addressing citizens following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting, President Erdoğan said: “We have made everybody, foes and friends alike, acknowledge Türkiye’s political, economic and diplomatic strength, and have as a state reached a position whereby we are capable of upholding our rights and interests in the most effective manner.”

“We once again see in every regional and global crisis the importance of the distance Türkiye has covered in the path of democracy and development over the past two decades,” said the President, summarizing the country’s achievements in the past twenty years.

“Having liberated our country’s democracy from the grip of tutelage, we have fulfilled the centuries-old longing for rights and freedoms of all citizens from every walk of life.

Having completed our infrastructure for basic services including education, healthcare, justice, security, transportation, energy, industry and sports, we have ripped off the shackles of backwardness on our feet.