Erdogan pressures Putin to give Ukraine a ‘second chance’

The Turkish president in a phone talk on Sept. 29 called on his Russian counterpart to give negotiations another chance on the war in Ukraine.

According to a statement by Türkiye’s Communications Directorate, Erdoğan expressed his pleasure over the successful exchange of war prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, carried out after a long period of preparation, as well as over the functioning of the Istanbul agreement, finalized with the contributions of the United Nations.

Stressing that an extension to the mechanism, due to expire in November, would be of common benefit, Erdoğan added that works are underway for the uninterrupted export of Russian fertilizer and grains as well.

Drawing attention to the need for the de-escalation of tensions in order to pave the way for favorable developments, Erdoğan said that steps, particularly as regards the incorporation of various Ukrainian areas into Russia, are expected of Moscow in a bid to facilitate the process.