Economic Confidence Index rises to pre-pandemic peak in August

Economic confidence index which was 100.1 in July increased by 0.7% in August to 100.8. This increase in economic confidence index stemmed from the increases in real sector (manufacturing industry), services, retail trade and construction confidence indices.

Before the August 2018 currency crisisthe index was at 101.7 as of May 2018.  Hence the August reading matches to the highest level of the past 39 months.  after the August data. The economic confidence index fell sharply to 58.4 in April 2020, reaching its historic low at the start of the pandemic last year.

Real sector confidence index increased by 0.1% and became 112.2, services confidence index increased by 1.2% and became 116.1, retail trade confidence index increased by 0.6% and became 110.3, construction confidence index increased by 7.1% and became 92.4.

On the other hand, consumer confidence index decreased by 1.6% and became 78.2 in August compared to the previous month.

Economic confidence index, August 2021