BREAKING:  Arab news agencies– Turkey ready to launch military offensive in Syria

A scholar on Kurds and middle East, Mr Abdulla Hafez tweeted an hour ago that


Pro-opposition Syrian social media claim Turkey has told opposition militias a wide-scale attack on SDF positions is imminent. They also claim large-scale military deployment from Tal Abyad to al-Bab; they claim the target is from Ayn Issa to Tal Rifaat including Kobani & Manbij.


Whether the invasion will actually happen depends on US and especially Russian approval, also realistically how much US is willing to go to prevent another invasion is unclear; but it’s also about Erdogan’s calculations at home, if past is prologue, a new invasion isn’t unlikely.


Ansamed is reporting: BEIRUT – Turkey is ready to launch a wide-ranging military offensive across its border area with Syria using Syrian local opposition forces that it has long supported.


Reports appeared in several Arab media outlets on Friday, some citing Turkish and Russian military sources and others ones from Syrian opposition groups.


The sources said that Turkey intends to soon launch an offensive in northwestern Syria against non-Syrian jihadist forces, mostly those from Central Asia and the Caucasus.


Sources say that this is being done in coordination with Russia.


The other military offensive will, according to the same sources, focus on the northeastern part of Syria in which armed groups linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) operate.


The PKK is designated a terrorist organization by the US, EU, and Turkey, but the local armed factions in Syria linked to it – the YPG – have long been supported by the US as part of the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).


The sources quoted by the media outlets say that Turkey’s planned offensive in this case has also been coordinated with Russia.


However, they added that the military operations will not be able to begin prior to a meeting in the coming days between US president Joe Biden and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the sidelines of the COP26 conference climate, which will be held in Scotland from Sunday until Nov. 12.



Turkish pro-opposition newspaper KARAR confirms that Turkish military is ready to lunge across the border, after Erdogan meets US president Biden.


solHaber adds that Minister of Foreign Affairs Cavusoglu told the press on 28 October:  “A president Erdogan had said in the past, we may arrive at your door one night”.  After speaking out the lines of a famous Turkish country song, Erdogan had indeed ordered Turkish troops across the border.

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