US urges political solution amid Turkey’s airstrikes in Northern Syria

The US State Department expressed concerns about Turkey’s airstrikes in Northern Syria, emphasizing the need for a ceasefire to prevent the impact on civilians, infrastructure, and the fight against ISIS.


The United States is concerned about Turkey’s recent aerial attacks on Northern Syria and their impact on civilians and infrastructure in the region, the US Department of State said on Tuesday.

During a daily priss briefing, The State Department Spokesman emphasized that these attacks could potentially hinder the fight against ISIS, asserting that all parties involved must adhere to a ceasefire.

When asked about the US stance on Turkey’s 72-hour campaign targeting 150 areas in the region, which also led to civilian casualties, Miller responded:

“United States remains concerned about military activity in northern Syria, its impacts on the civilian population and infrastructure, and the impact on the effectiveness of our operations to ensure the lasting defeat of ISIS. Our position has not changed. We continue to support the current ceasefire lines and call for a de-escalation of violence. It is crucial for all sides to maintain and respect ceasefire zones and to de-escalate violent activity to enhance stability in Syria and work toward a political solution to the conflict.”

The “ceasefire line” Miller referred to was established under US mediation following Turkey’s October 2019 operation in the Gire Spi and Serêkaniye districts of Northern Syria.

Currently, the United States has approximately 900 military personnel stationed in areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and in the Tenef region of Syria.

Turkey has intensified its bombardments in Northern Syria since November 5, following an armed attack on the Turkish Ministry of the Interior in Ankara on October 1, causing concerns regarding the safety of the region’s civilian population and the ongoing conflict against ISIS.

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