Türkiye agrees US “sanctions compliance scheme” for Russia

Turkey agreed with the US on the implementation of the “sanctions compliance scheme” introduced by Washington against Moscow. According to Hürriyet newspaper columnist Hande Firat, the American authorities will first inform Turkey about potential violations by its companies of anti-Russian restrictions.


This scheme is designed to correct the situation when Turkish companies suspected of conducting commercial activities with the Russian Federation or of alleged financial relations with Russia were immediately and without an investigation placed on the US sanctions lists.

But now Washington will inform Ankara about companies that potentially violate sanctions and will request information about their affairs with the Russian Federation. Turkey, in turn, will independently study the activities of such firms and report on the results. After that, if necessary, restrictive measures will be taken.

In February, the US added 16 Turkish companies to its sanctions list. The US Department of Commerce has expanded restrictions on Turkish companies operating in foreign trade, electronics supply, industrial equipment, and tourism. Recently, the “political climate” between Turkey and the USA has significantly improved. This was not least due to the resolution of two issues, namely Turkeyʼs ratification of Swedenʼs membership in NATO and progress in the transfer of F-16 fighter jets from the US.

“Within the framework of recent high-level visits, we can say that the general atmosphere in Washington towards Ankara is positive. You can even comment that “such an atmosphere has not been seen in the USA for a long time,” notes Hande Firat.