Turkish surgeon gets in BBC ‘100 most influential women’ list

Many women from several fields from politics to science were included on the list, which has been published for the 10th time this year, while the Turkish-origin surgeon was also among the inspiring women on the list.

“I have been carrying out studies on the total artificial heart since 2010. I grew up working in this field, and it has been almost 12 years,” Gürsoy stated.

“I do not like the news of ‘the first female surgeon who performed a total artificial heart transplant in Europe,’ but during an operation, other surgeons told me, ‘A woman carried out this kind of surgery in the U.S., but you are the only one in Europe’,” Gürsoy explained.

Emphasizing the importance of experience, Gürsoy stated that though this news comes to the forefront, this job has a demanding preparation process.

“I have a lot of experience in artificial heart research in both humans and animals. The key to success in medicine is experience. I have always been interested in studies that many people do not want to conduct. We can call it luck,” she noted.

“I am not an ambitious person. If you work hard, you will eventually succeed. This is the only way which will bring me success,” Gürsoy added.

Stating that women do not need to act masculine in order to stand strong while trying to gain a place in the business world, Gürsoy said, “We should be able to continue to be women who manage to remain humble and sympathetic in the workplace.”

The successful surgeon also stated that it is essential to leave the comfort zone for progress.

“I got out of my comfort zone four or five years ago and thoroughly focused on my studies. Though I faced difficulties, I never stopped believing in myself. I know the steps I take will go forward as long as I keep working,” she explained.

Gürosy was also on the cover of the worldwide known Forbes magazine, which was published on Nov. 3 in Germany.