Turkey’s economic confidence index plummets in August

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) released the economic confidence index data for August, revealing a significant decrease from the previous month. In a year marked by a series of financial fluctuations, August’s figures stood out as the sharpest decline since the pandemic began.


According to TUIK’s figures, the economic confidence index, which was at 99.3 in July, fell by 5.2% in August, reaching 94.1. This drop is the lowest in the span of a year and is also the steepest decrease observed since the onset of the global pandemic.

Delving into the specifics across various sectors, the consumer confidence index faced a notable decline of 15.1%, dropping to a value of 68. Meanwhile, the confidence index for the real sector, which encompasses the manufacturing industry, reported a marginal dip of 0.3% to arrive at 104.6. The services sector saw its confidence index decrease by 1.7%, reaching 115.3. On a similar note, the retail trade sector’s confidence index edged down by 0.4%, coming in at 114.3, while the construction sector marked a 0.7% fall, standing at 87.4.

The economic confidence index is an essential indicator for gauging the country’s economic sentiment. A value greater than 100 reflects optimism regarding the overall economic situation, while a value below 100 indicates pessimism. The latest figures for August, unfortunately, seem to suggest a growing pessimism about Turkey’s economic outlook, casting a shadow on the upcoming fiscal projections.

Gercek News, TUİK