Turkey pursues positive momentum in Eurofighter negotiations: Report

Ankara expresses optimism regarding the recent visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, anticipating a favorable impact on negotiations concerning Türkiye’s potential purchase of Eurofighter jets.


“We have always said that it is not right for allies to impose restrictions or sanctions on each other, it is against the spirit of alliance,” defense sources told a group of reporters on April 25, highlighting expectations for decisions aligned with mutual security perspectives.

With hopes set on a “period of joint efforts rather than limitations,” the sources echoed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s sentiments expressed during a joint press conference with his German counterpart on April 24, calling for a positive approach from Berlin, particularly regarding the Eurofighter issue.

Germany, a key producer of the advanced jet, has yet to grant approval for the sales.

The discussion surrounding Türkiye’s interest in Eurofighter jets emerged as an alternative amid uncertainties stemming from the recent approval of F-16 purchases from the United States.

The finalized F-16 deal, valued at $23 billion, entails Türkiye acquiring 40 new F-16s and upgrading 79 existing ones following recent approval from the U.S. Congress.

The Joe Biden administration’s notification came after Erdoğan signed off on Sweden’s accession to NATO – a development that caps off more than a year of negotiations.

Despite progress on the F-16 deal, Turkish authorities have maintained their desire to procure Eurofighter jets to diversify its defense acquisitions.

The source of contention in Germany’s hesitancy to sell the advanced jets lies in concerns related to the latter’s natural gas drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean, as reported by local media.

Berlin’s reservations trace back to decisions made by the EU Council in 2019, where sanctions were imposed on Türkiye over its exploration activities in the eastern Mediterranean during a crisis with Greece, showcasing the union’s support for Cyprus.

Erdoğan and Steinmeier convened on the final day of the latter’s three-day visit to Türkiye, discussing a wide array of regional and global matters alongside bilateral relations.

During the joint press conference on April 24, Erdoğan emphasized the robust ties between Türkiye and Germany across various sectors, aiming to bolster economic relations.

“We hope we will no longer talk about obstacles but about joint production,” Erdoğan stated, expressing the aspiration for enhanced cooperation.

Addressing counterterrorism efforts, Erdoğan underscored the need for more robust collaboration and solidarity among NATO allies, urging for increased effectiveness in measures.