Turkey aims to become world’s ‘biggest’ textile producer

Türkiye’s textile industry told Texhibition Istanbul attendees and Just Style its ultimate aim is to become the “biggest” global textile manufacturer despite the country losing competitiveness due to recent global crises.

Amidst global economic uncertainties and adversities, the Turkish textile industry stands as a beacon of resilience and ambition, as highlighted at the 5th edition of Texhibition Istanbul Fabric, Yarn, and Textile Accessories Fair held in the residential and industrial district of Bakırköy in Istanbul, Turkey.

Organised by Turkish industry bodies, including the Ministry of Trade, TIM (Türkiye Exporters Assembly), ITHIB, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, KOSGEB (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organisation), and IFM (Istanbul Fuar Merkezi), the event brought together key stakeholders from not just the Turkish textile industry but also countries like Japan and Spain.

The Texhibition Istanbul Fair served as a platform for showcasing Türkiye’s textile industry’s capabilities and fostering collaborations.

ITHIB shared that with annual export of over $12bn, Türkiye ranks fifth in global textile exports and is the second largest supplier to the EU. It believes that Turkish fabrics and textile accessories are in demand worldwide thanks to their “high quality, innovation, and commitment to sustainability in production.”