TOGG set to deliver 1,000+ cars next month

Togg aims to deliver more than 1,000 vehicles in May, says Gürcan Karakaş, the CEO of Türkiye’s first indigenous electric car maker.

“We will deliver more cars in June,” Karakaş told private broadcaster Bloomberg HT, adding that a total of 28,000 will be delivered by the end of the year.

Togg will have around 650 charging stations, each installed 25 kilometers apart, by the end of 2023, he also said.

Pre-orders for the TOGG T10X were taken online on March 16-27, and some 177,000 vehicles were sold online.

The first buyers of Togg’s EV model T10 were selected through a digital draw.

Togg offers three models of T10X vehicles, with a price of 953,000 Turkish Liras, 1.06 million liras and 1.22 million liras.

Togg initially planned to start deliveries in mid-April. “We needed to carry out some improvement work, more related to the software side,” Karakaş said earlier this week, explaining why deliveries were scheduled for a later date.

“I do not really see this as a delay. We will start deliveries at the end of April,” he said.

The competition in Türkiye’s EV market is heating up. U.S. carmaker Tesla launched pre-sales of its Model Y vehicles in the Turkish market earlier this month. Tesla is also offering three models to local consumers, with prices ranging between 1.56 million liras, 1.63 million liras and 1.8 million liras.