Ten billion dollar target in the game industry: Turkish companies attract attention of the global investors

The sale of Istanbul-based Peak Games for $ 1.8 billion turned the attention on Turkish companies developing games. According to Game Developers’ Association of Turkey (TOGEDDA) data, the export figures of the sector exponentially increased in 2015 with $ 400 million to 1 billion 50 million dollars in 2018. The target is $ 10 billion.

The Turkish game development industry, with the financial power it receives from the  state supports offered through various mechanisms, is creating popular games, played throughout the world. According to the data from Game Developers’ Association of Turkey (TOGEDDA), the sector’s export figure whiich was $ 400 million in 2015, has reached 1 billion 50 million dollars, increasing exponentially by the year 2018. With the supports implemented as state policy, the state objective for the sector is to grab a higher share from the global game market; while raising the export figure to 10 billion dollars. In the meantime, e-sports, which appeals to more and more people in our country and is seen as the sport of the future, is also increasing its share in the development of the game industry.


While e-sports and game streaming, which broadens the field of motion in accordance with technology, creates a certain business area, professional assistance to game companies and publishers has become a necessity of the age. Gaming in Turkey, a gaming and e-sports agency serving for 5 years in Turkey was built completely on  e-sports and games and gives specific integrated online and offline marketing services for companies. Ozan Aydemir, founder of Gaming in Turkey, a Gaming and E-sports Agency, who witnessed the development of the Turkish gaming industry, emphasized the potential in this field and made statements about the activities of their companies.


Ozan Aydemir stated that, the e-sports area that continue to grow, with new state initiatives and investments; “This growth is changing the perception of the brand of e-sports, while  the number of activities is becoming more pronounced in the gaming market, as demontrated by an increase in TL revenues. The popularity of MOBA, strategy, FPS and casual mobile game types is increasing day by day. Continuing the development of PC games, e-sports events and growth of e-sports investments are helping the growth of the game industry in our country.”

Game industry global total turnover exceeded $ 150 billion says Aydemir, while in Turkey it was a total revenue of 830 million dollars. He said his ascoations expects these to reach $ 1 billion. Aydemir also said that the highest share of  game players in our country are  35 and 25-35 year old generation, being followed by the age group of 28.6 to 35-44, and 21.9 to 18-24.


With its market share in the global gaming industry, e-sports and mobile games, trending in recent years, participation in the gaming competitions has also increased in 2019. According to the data of Turkey E-Sports Federation (TESFED); The number of licensed female e-sports players was 131, and the number of male athletes was 384 thousand, with the total number of licensed e-sportspersons reaching one thousand 515 people. The number of licensed clubs increased from 30 in 2018 to 85 in 2019. Indicating that exports have doubled in the digital game industry in the last two years, Aydemir said that local game developers can also get support from the Ministry of Commerce. Aydemir pointed out that it is an example of the global export potential of Turkey’s most successful game company TaleWorlds and its game Mounth & Blade II Bannerlord, from March 30 until today, reached 2 million in sales figures.

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Published By: Atilla Yeşilada

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