Talk of a cabinet reshuffle has begun: Mehmet Simsek may be dismissed

Journalist Erdal Sağlam said that there is already talk of a cabinet reshuffle ahead of the local elections. Sağlam shared the claim that Trade Minister Ömer Bolat ‘asked for his pardon’.

10 Haber columnist Erdal Sağlam stated that although the local elections to be held on March 31, 2024 are still a month away, there is already talk of cabinet reshuffles and that some ministers will leave office voluntarily and some will leave office because they are seen as unsuccessful.

“Three-four ministers are frequently mentioned”

“Rumors of ministerial reshuffles, which are not yet widespread but are expected to flare up as the elections approach, frequently mention the names of three or four ministers who are rumored to be dismissed,” the journalist said:

Economic policies, political sphere and foreign policy issues

“It is also rumored that after the elections, President Erdoğan will have to make important choices in economic policy, politics and foreign policy. Erdoğan, who gave a message of rapprochement with the West especially after the May elections but then returned to his classical foreign policy stance, is eagerly awaited for the path he will follow in the coming years.”

“We also understand that there is a growing discontent in the AKP’s circles with Mehmet Şimşek’s stance against salary increases,” said Sağlam, adding that the outcome of the elections will play an important role in President Erdoğan’s post-election stance and preferences.

“It could lead to Mehmet Şimşek’s dismissal”

According to rumors, some say that in case of unsuccessful results, President Erdoğan will return to the economic policies of the Albayrak- Nebati era, known for their irrational economic practices, while there are also those who say that the return will go as far as President Erdoğan dismissing Mehmet Şimşek from his post.

“Omer Bolat is almost certain to leave”

Noting that Trade Minister Ömer Bolat is one of the names that are considered certain to leave, Sağlam said: “According to some rumors, Bolat has been influenced by exporters and has shown resistance to the tight monetary policies, especially on exchange rates, and sometimes even made statements and decisions contrary to economic policies.”

“There are rumors that he asked for his pardon.”
“There are also those who say that Ömer Bolat has complained that his ministry has interfered too much with his private affairs, and that is why he wants to leave. There are even rumors that he has conveyed the matter to the President and asked for his pardon. In addition to Minister Bolat, the names of a few other ministers who the President considers unsuccessful are mentioned, although they are less talked about.