Russia pushes for Turkish withdrawal from Syria: Proposed timetable revealed

The proposal will be presented during the ongoing Astana talks in Kazakhstan, where Russia aims to bring Ankara and Damascus closer, sources from the Syrian government said

Russia is set to propose a timetable for Turkey to withdraw from Syria, according to reports from the Syrian newspaper Al Watan.

During the ongoing Astana talks, which commenced on Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday in Kazakhstan, Russia aims to bring Ankara and Damascus closer by presenting a clear timetable for Turkey’s exit from Syria, sources close to the Syrian government said.

The sources further emphasized that Damascus is open to dialogue, but both sides need to establish clear objectives, a framework, and a mechanism for dialogue.

A Syrian official speaking on condition of anonymity said, “If we want to make progress, we need to stop using ambiguous terms like ‘fight against terrorism,’ which both sides interpret differently.”

Observers from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and the United Nations will also participate in the talks between the sides.

Meanwhile, the recent increase in clashes between the Syrian army and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and between the Turkish army and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is said to complicate the Ankara-Damascus rapprochement.

During the summit in Kazakhstan, participants are expected to engage in bilateral and trilateral discussions. According to the newspaper, observers from Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, and the United Nations will attend the meeting.

Turkey and the armed groups it supports currently control a large area in northern Syria. Turkey also maintains various observation points in Idlib, which is under the control of jihadist and some opposition groups.

The Syrian government views all of this as “Turkey’s occupation” and insists that the end of the occupation is a prerequisite for progress in the negotiations.

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