Real Turkey Video:  Clash of Civilizations reformatting world economy



US vs China:  This is not about trade, AND this is NOT between China and US


  • Explaining the concept of Clash of Civilizations in this round of Great Power contest


  • This is a long war, it shall not be fought in the battle field but in remote places like the space and mineral fields.


  • Before Covid-19 three trends were reshaping the world economy, Clash of Civilizations will accelerate change


  • This broadcast only focuses on the economic aspects




  • Weaponization of space and another arms race


  • Hoarding of strategic minerals and materials.


  • Cessation of technology trade and transfer between competing blocs.


  • Explosion in cyber-espionage and sabotage.


  • Massive turmoil in supply chains and FDI flows.


  • Sanctions on energy, financial instruments, retaliatory financial actions


  • A great boom in R&D, innovation and capex across the world.


  • Two Internets?


  • Which side will win? The future is always uncertain, but in the past democracy had always won.


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