Pro-AKP journalist: No change in Turkey’s Middle East policy. The first target is ‘immediate ceasefire’

Erdoğan’s statement “We will continue to implement military measures if necessary” brings with it comments about whether a policy change is being made. Let’s say this first; Turkey, like other states, is preparing for all kinds of possibilities, as always, but there is no change in Turkey’s main policy. Ankara’s priority and main goal is to stop civilian deaths and declare a ceasefire.


On the other hand, I would like to point out that HAMAS should not be called a terrorist organization and that it should be viewed within the international framework. HAMAS is not on the United Nations list of terrorist organizations. As a result, President Erdoğan’s speech should be viewed as a whole.


After making this determination; Let’s outline the road map of Turkey discussed in Ankara:



◊ From the first day of the war, Turkey has displayed an attitude of opposing civilian casualties from any side.

◊ The point is to prevent the deaths of innocent civilians. Civilian deaths are unacceptable from any side.

◊ However, the first words from Israeli administrators after October 7 were revenge. Revenge can blind. Israel chose a method of collective punishment without discrimination against civilians.

◊ Türkiye approaches the issue in a humane manner.



◊ Ankara’s first priority is a ceasefire and ensuring it immediately. An 18-hour, 48-hour ceasefire, doesn’t matter… Once this is achieved, the next step will be extending the process to be built on it.

◊ It is important to transition to the negotiation phase after the ceasefire is achieved.

◊ In this case, Turkey’s offer of becoming a  guarantor  for Gazza peace will be brought to the agenda and implemented.

◊ The ultimate goal is the establishment of the State of Palestine within the framework of the 1967 borders.



Ankara conveys its concerns to the USA in all its contacts. USA is given the message that Israel should be told to “Stop” at once. Otherwise, the consequences of the possibility of conflagration in the region will create a difficult situation for the USA.

The following determinations can be made within the framework of the diplomatic traffic carried out by the authorities:




◊ There are several layers of problems here. The USA takes one step, then Russia takes another escalatory step.

◊ There are numerous countries with different interests in the region.

Iran can be a factor of balance or a spoiler. Iran rejects Israel’s policies. It says it will not give up on resistance to the Jewish state. However, it does not want the incident to escalate.

◊ Nobody wants the war to spread.

◊ Türkiye has been in favor of solving the problem peacefully from the very beginning. The aim is to have peace in the region.


Let’s talk about Türkiye-Israel relations…


The policy on this issue is summarized as follows:




◊ Turkey has no decision to withdraw its ambassador from Israel for now.

◊ However, travel to and from Israel at all levels was suspended by the government.

◊ Israel summoned its Ankara ambassador and consul general to its country by its own decision. Turkey did not make a request.

◊ Diplomats accredited to the Republic of Turkey are under the guarantee of the Republic of Turkey. In this context, Ankara’s perspective is that whoever is hosted in Turkey is under protection.




As for the process regarding the bill to ratify Sweden’s NATO membership… Drawing attention to the positive steps taken by Sweden recently, government members said: “PKK cannot feel comfortable in Sweden as it used to. “There are positive differences between the day we started negotiations in Sweden and today….


Written by Mrs  Hande Firat, who writes for Hurriyet Daily.  She is close to President Erdogan, but has largely retained her journalistic integrity.


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Published By: Atilla Yeşilada

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