President Erdoğan urges enhanced cooperation with EU

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has extended a hand of cooperation to the European Union, stressing the importance of developing collaboration between Türkiye and the bloc in various domains.


“Amid the current critical juncture, it is imperative for Türkiye and the EU to enhance cooperation across all fronts, particularly in accession negotiations, which form the bedrock of their relationship,” Erdoğan stated in his message released on May 9.

His remarks came as the EU celebrated Europe Day, commemorating the 1950 Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundation for European integration.

The president emphasized the significance of the EU adopting inclusive policies that prioritize cooperation and fairness, asserting that such actions are crucial for the continent’s future.

“As Türkiye, we stand ready to collaborate for a more prosperous, solidaristic and open European future, where our nation rightfully assumes its place,” Erdoğan affirmed.

However, he urged the EU to approach its relations with Türkiye fairly and with tangible outcomes, emphasizing the principle of pacta sunt servanda (agreements must be kept). He cautioned against policies and rhetoric that could lead to a deadlock in relations.

“In response to exclusionary measures against our nation, which undermine the EU’s global standing, Türkiye will not refrain from leveraging and enhancing its strategic opportunities and capabilities,” Erdoğan said.

The president also criticized the response of EU member states to the humanitarian situation in Gaza, asserting that it has “eroded faith in European values.”

“As long as crises and conflicts persist in Europe and our shared vicinity, the scrutiny of these values will only intensify,” he remarked.

Erdoğan stressed that Europe Day should symbolize not only the initiation of political and economic unity but also the commemoration of peace and stability achieved through decades of joint efforts.

“Yet, challenges such as wars at the global level and in our immediate region, conflicts, terrorism, irregular migration and climate change threaten the order in Europe, as well as globally,” he added.

Erdoğan expressed deep concern over the surge in Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism across the continent, identifying them as major worries for both Turkish citizens and immigrants residing in Europe.

Erdoğan particularly highlighted the discrimination and hate crimes targeting the Turkish community in Europe, warning against the normalization of such acts.