Poll shows Erdogan’s AKP below 30 percent

A poll conducted in 45 provinces, involving nearly 5,000 people, found that voter support for the Nation Alliance was far greater than that for the People’s Alliance

The latest poll by ORC research showed that elector support for Turkey’s ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) fell below 30%.

The survey, conducted in person with 4,720 respondents in 45 provinces, showed the impact of the earthquake on voter turnout.

When asked “Which party would you vote for if there was a general election this Sunday?” less than 29.1% replied AKP.

Additionally, the survey also included the status of the alliances. The Nation Alliance reached 48.6%, while the People’s Alliance was at 34.5%.

According to the survey, The Republican People’s Party (CHP) will get 23.5%, The Good Party 19.5%, The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) 8.1% and National Movement Party (MHP) 5.4%.