Opposition leader Kilicdaroglu (CHP) leads campaign against open-door policy for refugees

Last week, Kilicdaroglu pledged that if CHP takes power, he will implement a new foreign policy to normalize relations with Assad’s regime and end the “tragedy” of the Syrian refugees in Turkey. He has also called for the reopening of the Turkish and Syrian embassies in each other’s countries, while stressing the need for peace in Syria so that refugees can return home.


During Eid al Adha, Kemal Kilicdaroglu has reiterated his warning against refugee influx towards Turkey, saying warning  of its multi-dimensional ill-effects on the economy and social cohesion.


The “West has seen” that they can turn Turkey into an “open prison for refugees,” Kilicdaroglu said in a video message on Twitter on July 25.


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“The real survival problem of our country is the influx of refugees. Now we are caught in the Afghan influx,” he said, criticizing the government for remaining silent on the issue.


“This issue has two victims. One is you, my dear people, and the second is our refugee brothers. Therefore, it is unacceptable to reduce this issue to racism. It is not an issue that we can solve by disparaging our guests, who are the other victims of the issue.” the CHP leader said.


He blamed the government for hosting the Syrian refugees in return for money from the European Union and the Western countries.


While pro-AKP press and international commentary on Kilicdaroglu’s campaign against Erdogan’s open-door policies for refugees, sending Syrians and Afghans home resonates with a vast majority of citizens, polls found.


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The international press is making the mistake of calling Kilicdaroglu’s policy pronouncement “deportation”.  However, his message is clear:  If CHP were to come to power, it will strive to help final peace in Syria to create the conditions for refugees to return safely.


Additionally, he is right to promise not to accept new refugees.  Turkey’s health and education systems are creaking under the weight of newcomers, who have special needs and demands.  Refugees belong to UN-supervised refugee camps, not to serve as pray for prostitution rings, Mafia and unscrupulous business people looking for cheap labor.



He recalled recent remarks by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that she did not foresee an EU membership for Turkey in the near future but welcomed efforts by Ankara on the refugee crisis.


“The matter seems to come to another breaking point very soon. Merkel says, ‘You cannot enter the European Union, but you can continue to host our refugees who are trying to come to the EU.’ She did not neglect to say, ‘You are very successful in this matter, too.’ Frankly, Merkel celebrated our success in moving from the goal of full membership in the European Union to the refugee watchdog of the European Union,” he stated.


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