Neuralink’s first brain implant is a success

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s medical technology firm, has successfully implanted its brain device into a human. The individual is currently recuperating favorably following the procedure conducted on Sunday, as stated by the tech mogul on his online platform X the subsequent Monday.

Musk shared: “Preliminary findings indicate encouraging detection of neuron spikes.

The implant from Neuralink is designed to enable people to operate a smartphone with their thoughts, as well as other technology.

In May, Neuralink was authorized to use the flat and round implant in a clinical trial with humans, after it had previously been tested on monkeys. The implant has 1,024 electrodes, which a robot connects to the brain using an excellent needle.

For the clinical trial, Neuralink was looking for patients with tetraplegia, and paralysis in the legs and arms.

When people start to move, a certain area of the brain becomes active. The electrodes pick up these signals and should be enough to imagine a movement to operate a cursor on a computer, for example.

Even with successful operations, it can take months for patients to learn to control computers with their thoughts, the Neuralink clinical trial is designed to run for six years.

Research into brain-computer interfaces of this kind has been going on for years and some people have already had various implants fitted. Neuralink also has several competitors that also hope to utilize the technology commercially.