Istanbul monthly inflation at 3.79 percent in November

In November 2023 the Istanbul Cost of Living Index, which is an indicator of retail price movements, increased by 3.79% compared to the previous month, while the Wholesale Commodity Prices Index, reflecting wholesale price movements, increased by 2.94%.

According to the statement from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the rate of change in prices in November 2023 compared to the same month in 2022 was 73.89% for the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s (ITO) 1995-based Cost of Living Index and 65.01% for the Wholesale Commodity Prices Index.

In November 2023, compared to the previous month, there was an increase in retail prices in the following expenditure categories: Culture, Education, and Entertainment Expenditures increased by 5.53%, Housing Expenditures by 4.95%, Food Expenditures by 4.84%, Clothing Expenditures by 2.48%, Health and Personal Care Expenditures by 1.30%, Household Goods Expenditures by 0.32%, and Other Expenditures by 0.15%, while there was a decrease of 0.52% in Transportation and Communication Expenditures.

In November 2023, compared to the previous month, wholesale prices showed the following changes in various categories: a 14.39% increase in Construction Materials, a 5.03% increase in Textiles, a 2.87% increase in Chemicals, a 2.59% increase in Minerals, a 1.88% increase in Fuels and Energy Materials, and a -0.87% decrease in Unprocessed Materials.