Israel will be hold accountable for its actions: Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared that Türkiye will use all available means to hold Israel accountable for its actions in Gaza.

“We will use all our means to hold those who claimed the lives of 35,000 of our brothers accountable before the law,” Erdoğan said during an event in the capital Ankara on May 6.

Erdoğan’s remarks come in the wake of Ankara’s decision to intervene in the genocide case filed against Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) by South Africa.

The ICJ had previously issued orders directing Israel to take action to prevent death, destruction and acts of genocide in Gaza. In March, the court issued additional provisional measures mandating Israel to improve the humanitarian situation in the region, where experts warn of an imminent famine.

Erdoğan pledged to intensify pressure on Israel to secure a ceasefire, describing the country as “increasingly murderous.”

The president highlighted Türkiye’s previous decisions to restrict exports and imports with Israel, measures which have since expanded to cover all products.

“Our nation, which came to the aid of the Palestinian people in their most difficult days, became the conscience of humanity,” Erdoğan said. “Even if some busybodies among us do not see this, or they distort it, Türkiye is the country that passed the Gaza test most successfully.”

The president argued Türkiye’s commitment to increasing aid to Gaza, asserting that the nation has already sent 50,000 tons of aid to the region.

Turkish officials announced that they would work closely with Palestinian authorities to ensure that the suspension of imports and exports does not adversely affect Palestinians.

The Trade Ministry described these measures as the “second phase” of actions against Israel, affirming that they would remain in place until Israel permits an uninterrupted and sufficient flow of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Meanwhile, a separate investigation by another international court – the International Criminal Court – is also worrying Israeli officials.

The ICC inquiry was launched in 2021 into possible war crimes committed by Israel and Palestinian militants going back to the 2014 Israel-Hamas war.

The investigation is also looking at Israel’s construction of settlements in occupied territory that the Palestinians want for a future state. Israeli officials in recent days have expressed concern about possible arrest warrants upcoming in that case.