Interior Minister Soylu warns West ‘will eat our dust’ as he pledges ‘New world order’!!!

Turkey’s Suleyman Soylu from the ruling AKP party has given a speech to party supporters pledging to build a “new world order.” The NATO-allied country’s interior minister went on to boast that Turkey would leave the West to “eat our dust.”



Mr Soylu told a rally of AKP supporters: “We will design the new world word.

“We caught this opportunity now. Turkey is no longer old Turkey.


“Our alliance is the alliance on the path to Allah.



“After 2023, we will move so fast that [the West] will have to eat our dust.


Suleyman Soylu is an ultranationalist keeping his post as the Interior Minister in the Cabinet because Erdogan ally and MHP chairman Devlet Bahçeli backs him. Soylu is also known for his very stringent law and order measures targeting Kurds and peaceful demonstrations, where police are routinely ordered to use excessive force to disperse these. Additionally, he insults the opposition daily, using the rudest invectives.

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The pro-opposition media frequently reports dismay by AKP rank and file about Soylu’s theatrics and hard-liner approach to domestic security, which allegedly is not sitting well with the voters. Yet, he remains in his office, either because Erdogan, too, supports his policies or Bahçeli has made it a condition for the alliance to keep him in the Cabinet.


Soylu is also believed to be one of the contenders to Erdogan’s job, along with son-in-law Berat Albayrak and conservative Islamist Numan Kurtulmus if and when Erdogan retires.



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Published By: Atilla Yeşilada

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