Industry and technology minister: Turkey top home appliances exporter in Europe in 2021

Turkey took top honors as the largest home appliances exporter in Europe in 2021, the country’s industry and technology minister said Sunday, despite challenges such as soaring raw material prices and supply chain bottlenecks.

Domestic sales in Turkey’s home appliances sector rose 9% year-over-year in 2021, according to sector association TÜRKBESD data, reflecting the demand amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Production was up 17%, while exports surged 18% compared to a year ago, the data showed, despite challenges such as a spike in raw material prices and supply chain disruptions.

Some 1.64 million dishwashers, 2.25 million fridges, 2.15 million washing machines, 1.12 million freezers, over 1 million ovens and some 250,000 dryers were sold in Turkey last year, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said on Twitter.

“Our home appliances sector, which exported 26 million products in 2021, has ranked first in Europe,” Varnak added, touting the country’s strong showing.

The industry aims to invest around $480 million this year for additional production facilities, capacity increase, machinery renewal as well as technology innovation and energy efficiency, TÜRKBESD Chairperson Can Dinçer said last week.

The industry’s export momentum has increased further over the last five years, according to Dinçer.

“Our annual export volume has exceeded $4.5 billion,” he said, also stressing the importance of steps to help reduce the cost burden on the industry.

“We aim to continue to increase our exports in 2022 and to have a successful year in the domestic market by responding to the changing demands of our customers.”