HDP co-chair Sancar invites Kilicdaroglu to meeting

After opposition bloc announced its nomination of CHP leader Kilicdaroglu for president, HDP co-chair Sancar has said their objective is a first-round election victory for the opposition.

Co-chair of pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) said on Monday that they would like to see an opposition victory in the first round of the coming presidential election, and accordingly wish to come to a mutual understanding with the alliance of six parties in order to support the same candidate.

Speaking in mainstream Haberturk’s live broadcast after the six-party alliance announced its nomination of Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), for president, HDP co-chair Mithat Sancar said:

“Let me congratulate Mr. Kilicdaroglu first, and say that we are expecting him to meet with us. I am telling this in such direct way because, as we’ve noted before, if we are able to reach a mutual understanding on issues through an open and direct dialogue with the candidate of the [six-party] bloc, we will provide our support for that candidate. Otherwise, the other option being obvious, we will nominate our own candidate.”

He continued:

“Our objective is democracy, justice and freedom. We would like to discuss essentially the principles, and we have no intention of being involved in any bargain. We would like to exchange views on which principles the president should focus, how the transition shall be carried out, and which issues should have urgency in the process. We do not have in our agenda any bargain, any negotiation on ministerial posts or whatever.”

Stressing that they also do not have any intention of imposing their political program on the six-party bloc’s candidate, Sancar reiterated that their urgency is Turkey’s “democratic transformation,” “restoration of justice,” and “drawing a road map for the rehabilitation of the most crucial parts of a corrupt system.”

He added:

“We certainly want the coming presidential election to be concluded in the first round. In other words, we obviously want to reach a consensus with the candidate of the [six-party] bloc, and we will positively do whatever we can to arrive at that point. Our objective is the victory of the opposition candidate in the first round of the coming election.”

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