Experts warn: Turkey under water stress

Turkey has been shown as a country under “water stress” in the latest report by the U.N. and UNESCO, a Turkish expert has warned.

“The report released for World Water Day on March 22 also indicated that Turkey is on the way to becoming a water-poor country,” Erol Kesici, a consultant for the Turkish Association for the Conservation of Nature (TTDK), told Demirören News Agency on March 17.

According to Kesici, some 1 billion people across the globe have no access to water, and another 2 billion are under water stress.

Water stress is a situation where there is not enough water of sufficient quality to meet the demands of people and the environment.

“If no action is taken, by 2050, one in every four people on Earth will be living in a country suffering water scarcity,” he added.

Highlighting that the World Meteorology Organization sees the Mediterranean basin as the most “fragile region” against global warming, the expert warned residents of the country of possible water shortage in the future.

“Nobody has the right to dry or pollute the waters of the country,” Kesici stated. “The amount of precipitation the country witnessed recently has been a good opportunity for the country’s future in water usage.”