Erdoğan to press NATO allies for strengthened Anti-Terror collaboration

Türkiye will highlight the escalating global terrorism threat at a key NATO summit in Washington and urge member countries to enhance collective efforts in combating terrorism, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said.


“Our expectation from the summit is to achieve outcomes that strengthen alliance solidarity and unity spirit, while considering the national security sensitivities of the allies,” Erdoğan told journalists at Esenboğa Airport in Ankara before his departure to the United States on July 9. Erdoğan is expected to hold several bilateral meetings in the U.S. capital during the three-day summit marking NATO’s 75th anniversary.

“In our meetings, we will underscore the growing terrorism threat, especially in our immediate vicinity. We will also stress the necessity for NATO to enhance its efforts in conducting a resolute and comprehensive fight against terrorist organizations,” the president said.

In response to a question about the adequacy of the support Türkiye receives from its alliance partners in its counter-terrorism efforts, Erdoğan said that this support has not yet reached the desired level, emphasizing that the sides are striving to overcome these challenges.

Touching upon Türkiye’s role within the alliance, Erdoğan noted that his country is among the top five contributors to NATO missions and operations.

“We are one of NATO’s top five countries. I say this in terms of financial support and in terms of enhancing NATO’s strength. This is the position of Türkiye within NATO. This has now become the approach of all NATO member countries,” he said.

“In terms of burden-sharing, we are more than fulfilling our obligations. With the capabilities and facilities we have developed on land, sea and air, we are among the backbone countries of NATO. Our commitment to the alliance is evident in this period of increasing and diversifying threats,” he added.

The Turkish leader also pointed out that Ankara endorsed Ukraine’s integrity but the alliance should not be a part of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

On a question, Erdoğan said that Türkiye played a crucial role in the election of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as the new NATO secretary-general.

Erdoğan mentioned that he would also have bilateral meetings with Rutte during the summit, adding the new NATO chief will visit Türkiye before assuming his duties in October.

“By conducting our discussions, I believe we will proceed with Rutte just as harmoniously as we did with [current NATO chief Jens] Stoltenberg.”

Addressing Israel’s attacks in the Gaza Strip, Erdoğan stated that he will also bring up the “ongoing massacres against the Palestinian people” in Gaza.

“In the face of this grave situation, we will emphasize that the international community has failed to stop Israel and that it is impossible for global conscience to find peace without establishing a just and lasting peace in Palestine.”