Erdoğan reveals plans to become a major player in defense industry

The government takes firm steps towards making Türkiye fully independent in its defense industry targets, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on April 10, vowing that the country will become the leader of game-changing technologies in the world thanks to TCG Anadolu.

“Thanks to TCG Anadolu, we will become a country that is pioneering one of the first in the world, game-changing technologies, systems and solutions,” Erdoğan said, speaking at the delivery of TCG Anadolu and steel cutting ceremony of the new MİLGEM frigates in Istanbul.

TCG Anadolu was delivered to the Naval Forces Command with a ceremony attended by Erdoğan.

“We see this ship as a symbol that will reinforce our position as an assertive country in the world and a leader in our region in the Century of Türkiye,” he said.

“Today we are also cutting the steel of three new frigates of the MİLGEM İSTİF-Class that we will set sail for the Blue Homeland,” Erdoğan stated and thanked those who contributed to the construction of TCG Anadolu and take part in the construction of the frigates.

The vessel is the world’s first warship in its field where the largest and heaviest helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles can land and take off, Erdoğan said.

TCG Anadolu is the first UCAV carrier in the world. Our Bayraktar TB-3 UCAV, Kızılelma unmanned fighter jet and HÜRJET light attack aircraft will be able to take off and land on this ship. Also, thanks to the tanks and armored amphibious assault vehicles it carries, this ship has the features that will enable us to conduct military and humanitarian operations in every corner of the world, when necessary,” he explained.

Stating that 131 subcontractors took part in this project, which has a very high indigenization rate of approximately 70 percent, he said, “Thanks to TCG Anadolu, we will be able to easily deploy a battalion-sized force to crisis zones in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea without needing main base support.”

Türkiye increases its defense industry budget to $75 billion with the projects whose tender process continues, which will bring breakthroughs in other fields as well, the president said.