Erdogan decries ‘rumors’ after news article about cenbank chief

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan decried on Wednesday efforts to spread “rumors” meant to undermine economic progress, in an apparent endorsement of Central Bank Governor Hafize Gaye Erkan, who had criticized a recent press report about her family.

“When the central bank’s reserves reached a record-breaking $145.5 billion, they took immediate action. They launched campaigns to disrupt the climate of confidence and stability in our economy with unreasonable rumours, which could undermine the progress we have made,” Erdogan said.
He did not specify the rumors nor reference Erkan directly, though earlier in the speech he cited “opposition” efforts to criticize the government and economy.
Last week, opposition newspaper Sozcu published an article about a central bank employee who claimed that she was wrongfully dismissed from the bank by Erkan’s father.

Afterward Erkan – who was appointed by Erdogan in June to undertake a sharp policy reversal – said that an “unfounded” news story targeting her, her family and the bank was “unacceptable” and vowed to exercise her legal rights against those responsible.