AKP to conduct a negative campaign and list endless promises in the 2024 local elections.”

Gazete Pencere columnist Nuray Babacan stated that the ruling party is preparing to conduct a negative campaign in local elections just as it did in general elections. She mentioned that the campaign would be based on the propaganda of “They couldn’t do it, they couldn’t achieve it,” and that the ruling party would make endless promises.

Babacan pointed out that opposition-held municipalities would be targeted, and in her article, she mentioned, “Once again, through a perception operation, the deficiencies of AKP municipal administration, which are present in almost all of Turkey, will not be discussed. Instead, the inadequacies of CHP municipalities, especially in the 11 major cities, will be talked about. Of course, Istanbul is the primary target.”

Babacan added the following: “For example, an image will be created for Ekrem İmamoğlu as a ‘mayor who works for himself, not for his city.’ Then, İzmir and Ankara will be in focus. A campaign is being prepared for İzmir with the slogan ‘Nothing has changed in the city in the last 20 years, try something new this time.’ For Ankara, the term ‘collective municipalism’ is being used. This means that all the work done will be ignored, no mention will be made of the obstacles created by the government, and a campaign battle will be launched for these three cities.

Furthermore, new promises and packages will be presented during the local election process, creating a ‘virtual agenda.’ Whatever promises were left unfinished during the general elections are being listed. … Now, let’s talk about the difference between dreams and realities. Most importantly, the ruling party is struggling to find candidates for the three major cities. None of the names put forward are resonating with the voters in surveys. Difficulty is being experienced in finding a candidate who is ‘ambitious, well-liked, and powerful.’ Despite all the wrong steps and the crisis within CHP, it is acknowledged that Ekrem İmamoğlu will not be an ‘easy target’.”

Gazete Pencere