VoA:  Supreme Court reviewing Halkbank appeal

The deadline for Halkbank’s application to the US Constitutional Court regarding the dismissal of the money laundering case has been extended.

The extension decision was sent from the Clerk of the Constitutional Court, the highest court of the USA, to the Second District Court of Appeal, the lawyers of Halkbank in the USA and the relevant department of the Constitutional Court.


According to the news of Can Kamiloğlu from VOA Turkish, in the extension decision of the US Constitutional Court, the deadline for Halkbank’s application to examine its files through a lower court was examined by Judge Sonia Sotomayor, Member of the Constitutional Court, and that the file of Halkbank’s objection was submitted no later than 13 days. It is stated that it can be given until May. It was also stated in the decision that this period was previously the date of 31 January.


Halkbank’s appeal to the US Constitutional Court was opened by the Second District Court of Appeals, which rejected its appeal on 14 December.


Halkbank, whose appeal application was rejected twice at the Second District Court of Appeal, stated in a 20-page petition submitted to the Second District Court of Appeal on January 10, through its lawyers in the USA, that although it is within the scope of the “Independent Foreign State Immunity Act”, the appeal of the case was rejected twice, it requested a referral to the Constitutional Court. The court also decided to suspend the judicial process in a lower court pending the decision of the Constitutional Court.



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In a 20-page petition submitted to the court, Halkbank previously presented examples from similar cases within the scope of the “Law on Immunity of an Independent Foreign State” and stated that they could seek their rights in the Constitutional Court.


It is not yet clear whether the Constitutional Court will include Halkbank’s application on the hearing calendar. The Constitutional Court will decide whether to hear  the  Halkbank after deliberating on  the application to be submitted until May 13. The New York Southern District Attorney General’s Office, which conducted the Zarrab investigation, had previously claimed that Halkbank’s case could not be referred to the Constitutional Court in its previous application to the Second District Court of Appeals.


Source From: Sozcu


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