Turkey’s short term external debt on the rise: USD 190 bn to pay in the year ahead

According to the Central Bank data announced today Turkey’s total short-term external debt (original maturity of less than one year) rose to USD 140.3 bn as of January 2021 from USD 138.5 billion at the end of December.  Out of the total, USD 60.6 billion belong to banks and USD 57 billion to non-bank intuitions.

The debt stock (all debt with maturity one year or less) now stands at USD 190.3 billion as of January 2021. In other words Turkey will have to pay USD 190.3 bn in the 12 months ahead.

Out of the total, the portion belonging to banks is USD 88.7 billion, including USD 37 billion credit and USD 51.6 billion deposit liabilities. The share of non-bank companies in the stock of USD 190.3 billion remaining less than a year to date is USD 72.8 billion ; commercial loans account to USD 54.3 billion of this figure.