Turkey’s poverty threshold more than triple the minimum wage

The Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (TURK-IS) announced that the May 2021 “hunger threshold for a four-person family” in Turkey has risen to TL 2,830 (USD337) per month that is almost equal to Turkey’s TL 2,826 (USD336) minimum wage.

The “poverty threshold for a four-person family” in Turkey has risen to TL 9,219 liras (USD 1,098) on monthly basis which stands more than three times the minimum wage.

The poverty threshold has increased from TL 7,942 liras in May last year and from TL 9,014 in April, as per the TURK-IS data.

TURK-IS warned about the presence of more financial troubles being in store for Turkish households, pointing to rising energy costs. Food prices in the capital Ankara rose by 2.28% in May from April, the Union said.

“The increase in the price of fuel in particular, the main input of production, this month is expected to be reflected in many basic goods and service products, especially foodstuffs, in the coming months,” it said.

The cost of living for a single person in Turkey stands at TL 3,435 (USD 409) according to TURK-IS calculations which exceeds the net minimum wage by almost a quarter.

Turkey’s annual CPI inflation is 17.1% and on a rising trend wile the foos price inflation is above 20%.