Turkey will not back down despite Greek provocations: Erdogan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Turkeywill not hesitate to utilize all means to protect its rights and interests, as he called on Greece to refrain from provocative actions and violations, criticizing Athens for escalating tensions in the Aegean.

Addressing citizens following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting on Sept. 26, Erdoğan said: “While the world is grappling with many problems from economic crises to wars and political turmoils, we as Turkey display a firm stance both at home and abroad. Our experience and capacity in foreseeing global crises and taking the necessary measures, establishing the relevant mechanisms and boosting our resilience is appreciated by all.”

Underscoring that the economic and political engagements, the price of which he noted will definitely be paid, actually threaten the Greek people, not Turkey, President Erdoğan said: “As Turkey we saw this movie in the past, closed the issue and drew ourselves a new path. Now, we as a neighbor are sincerely saddened that Greece is blatantly being dragged into a similar disaster. Neither those military buildups nor those political or economic supports are enough to elevate Greece to our level. However, these wrong steps are sufficient to drag Greece into a quagmire in every sense.”

“Lastly, it should be known well that we will never hesitate to use all the means in hand and defend our country’s rights and interests against Greece if need be. Yet, let me clearly point out that we will by no means compromise a bit our own political and economic goals while doing this,” the President added.