Turkey: Stuck between US and Russia

Since the 2016 aborted coup, Erdogan government distanced Turey from the Western Alliance, embracing Russia instead.   Of course, Turkey remains a candidate for EU membership on paper and a stalwart member of NATO.  That means, President Erdogan is walking a very thin line between Russia and US, though his predominant characteristic of anti-Westernism suggests if given the right chance he would sign up to a full military and economic alliance with Russia.  New developments have complicated this already unsustainable dynamic.  Turkey’s economic problems deepened, necessitating swap lines or an IMF stand-by loan.  These types of aid require US blessing.  On the other hand, there are signs that Putin is contemplating to abandon Iran and Assad in Syria, which would be an incredible bonus for Turkey.  Which way would Erdogan go?  It all depends on the   economy.  A swift recovery would allow Erdogan to consolidate links with Russia. But, is this really a possibility?

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