Share of foreigners in Borsa Istanbul decreased to 41.54 percent

The share of foreigners in Borsa Istanbul decreased to 41.54 percent. According to the information conveyed by Zeynep Aktaş from Milliyet Uzman Para, the share percentage of foreigners in Borsa Istanbul plummetted to 41.54 percent. “Foreigners continue their sales across the stock market,” Aktaş wrote.

Stating that the high course of inflation affected the expectations negatively despite the high growth forecasts for the year, Aktaş said, “The continuation of the expectations for the decrease in interest rates keeps the trend towards the dollar rate high. In the last ten days, the shares of 14 stocks, where the share of foreigners is above 10 percent, increased by one point. Four stock purchases that weights the index also carried the stock market index above the averages,” he wrote.

These shares were Garanti Bank, Tüpraş, Turkish Airlines, and Aselsan.