President Erdogan: 21st century will be the century of Turkey

Turkey still presently has problems in the economy, but this is a global phenomenon, Erdoğan said, noting that more developed nations are suffering from this turbulence even worse than Turkey.

“They cannot find natural gas. The shelves in Europe are empty,” the president said, stressing that the government has just started to supply cheap food and other products to citizens of Turkey.

“Turkey is suffering less than other countries from this global storm because it changed its economic policy to be based on employment and production,” he said, underlining that the economic outlook will be much better in 2023.

“As I always say, we need more patience and support. Our biggest power is our unity and brotherhood,” he stated.

The more developed countries will face more social challenges due to the economic crisis, Erdoğan said. “This is just the beginning of the crisis for them. We will see how desperately they will try to resolve the problems when they face social turmoil stemming from supply chains and lack of production.”