Minister Soylu files complaint against journalists who apparently mediated between him, S. Peker

Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu has filed a criminal complaint against journalists Hadi and Süleyman Özışık, who allegedly mediated between him and Sedat Peker.

A former convicted crime leader, Peker has claimed that Soylu had informed him about an investigation against him, hence he was able to leave the country before getting arrested.

He has also claimed that Soylu had promised him that he would return to the country in April but then broke his word.

One of the intermediaries between him and the minister was Hadi Özışık, the owner of the İnternet Haber news portal, according to Peker.

After Özışık denied his claim, Peker last night (May 18) released the recordings of video calls between him and Özışık, which shows that Hadi Özışık and his brother Süleyman Özışık were mediating between Peker and Soylu.

After skipping a TV program that he was going to appear on last night, Özışık released a statement early in the morning and took the blame, saying that he had talked to Peker without the knowledge of Minister Soylu.

Later, Soylu, filed a criminal complaint with the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’S Office against the Özışık brothers, accusing them of “insult,” “slander” and “willingly and knowingly aiding an illegal organization while not being included in the hierarchical structure within the organization.”

The content of the video released by Peker clearly showed that Soylu wasn’t of the knowledge of the events mentioned in the conversation, his attorney claimed. “On the other hand, this conversation clearly reveals the helplessness of the suspects and their plots against my client.”

Hadi Özışık’s statement apologizing to Soylu was not enough to save himself, the attorney further stated.

Earlier, Soylu told Superhabertv news portal that he was shocked after watching the video released by Peker. “The friends that we are closely acquainted with have set up a trap and ruse for me with a mafia leader by using our name,” he said.

What happened?

Peker, formerly a staunch supporter of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), had to leave the country in late 2019.

Since May 2, Peker has been releasing videos on YouTube, where he makes serious allegations against senior government officials and people close to the AKP, including seizure of property, sexual assault and murder.

In the video he released on May 13, he claimed that Soylu informed him about an investigation against him so that he was able to leave the country before getting arrested.

He also claimed it was Soylu who made him turn against Berat Albayrak, the son-in-law of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the former finance minister.

While Peker said he had “invested in” Soylu since the start of his political career at the True Path Party (DYP), the minister denies he had any contact with Peker.