Main opposition leader Kilicdaroglu unveils his “Vision for the Second Century”

On Saturday, in front of a huge arena of screaming CHP followers and delegates from the other five opposite parties which had united with CHP under the banner of “Table of six”, CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu announced the vision document that he said ” will make Turkey the center of the world”. At the  long-promoted event,   where  CHP’s core  projects, especially in economy, technology and industry, were detailed, Kılıçdaroğlu added, “There is no other  way! This tyrant (President Erdogan) will go. Everything his henchmen  stole from the people will  be returned to the people. Victory will be ours.


“Rise up women, stand up children. From now on, nothing will be the same as before,” he said.


Kılıçdaroğlu urged Turkey to, “Look into the eyes of the world and shout, ‘O world, Turkey will not be your source  of ​​cheap labor. Turkey will not be your refugee camp. Turkey will not be your landfill. I’m coming to challenge  you, O world!’ Turkey will shine like a star. We set out to accomplish  your dream for a  new Turkey.



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The  in-doors rally  titled “Call to the Second Century” (referring to the second century of the Republic of Turkey, to commence on 29 October 2023), had been promoted for a month by CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu with the motto “Hey world, we are coming to compete with you, wait until December 3”, was held at Istanbul Lütfü Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center.


Kilicdaroglu’s speech


“Fellow Presidents (of Table of Six parties), my dear fellow travelers and dear friends. Today, we invited you to share  a vision of awaking, rising from our ashes and prosperity  for Turkey. My dear fellow travellers, you will learn what we will ask our people to vote for here. Let me state this very clearly:  You will never be forced  to vote for only the name of the  candidate, another strong man, or for the benefit of an interest  group.

We will ask our people to vote for a better life for all, a new order, a new dream of Turkey, a new political culture and a new supra-political understanding. That’s why what you’re going to listen  today won’t be just a program to get out of the crisis. First of all, that part  will be much easier when we come to power. The most difficult task is to permanently prevent the country from entering a structural crisis again. We are in a vicious cycle of  crises. Our people, constantly pushed into the same vortex again and again, suffered unbearably economically and socially.


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“Today is the day to change the fate of the country”


Today is the day to change the fate of the country. For this, we have to radically change our understanding of politics. The solution for problems  is not to replace leaders. Erdogan will go. This will end era of a one-man rule. Yes, it’s over. The corpse should be replaced by a system, a new philosophy. We are not looking for a new strong man. Today you will hear  the infrastructure of a completely different  political system from us.


“The objective  is to live up to  that big dream of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk”


Turkey will never  experience such a cruel, unjust and polarized period as overseen by Erdogan in the second century of the republic. As we emphasized in our Party’s “Calling for the Second Century”, today we are declaring our determination to lead Turkey to the league of  modern civilizations by dispersing the dark clouds that have descended on our country. We will build a Turkey whose institutions are robust, upheld by a new legal framework. We shall build a country  where social trust and peace prevail, and which has become the center of peace and prosperity in its region. Therefore, our job is not just a matter of winning the  government. The point is to actualize that big dream of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


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“I will never take a step back from the vision”


Today you will meet a brand new coalition of the good. A political union. I will see also introduce some names joining the  new supra-political think tank we have created. I am talking about a great team consisting of 70 experts from the world and Turkey. As you know, I have traveled every inch of our country, as well as to the important countries of the world. I made visits to the USA and the UK, two major centers of science, technology and investment.

No matter what others say, I will never take a step back and give up on this quest I believe in. Because I knew right from the start what I wanted and where this road would lead. Believe it all. Mr. Kemal never takes a step back from the way he started. I’m going to Germany soon. I especially wish and request that you follow it closely. I met these 70 valuable names in our think-tank in my travels and afterwards, inviting them to join the supra-political power union.


We have three great strengths. The first is our people who believe in us. Second, you, our political power. The third is the supra-political  union we established with our friends. Don’t forget, dear friends, we are all together in this  for the  good of the country, casting aside our party badges, our differences. Let me state it again. Do not forget, my dear friends, my dear comrades, my dear citizens, my dear friends.


“We are  starting to rebuild Turkey”

With what logic did I create this system I mentioned? These 70 valuable people will be working 24/7  for Turkey. Let me state it again. It will be a union of forces working 24 hours a day. Our government will work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I am envisioning a new Turkey, which produces non-stop, across time, space, latitudes and longitudes. The 70 experts in our policy team will not work for a single person, for a party, or for power. They will work for their homeland.


“I will summon some of those who dare to transform the country together”

Because that’s what it’s like to be Mr. Kemal (This is how Kilicdaroglu calls himself, reclaiming an insult by Erdogan). Because my job is to coordinate. Because my job is to build the system. Because my job is to run the system. My job is also to make that system permanent. Today I am calling before you some of those who dare to transform the country with us. Let them explain their vision first. The valuable speakers you will listen to here will tell you that we are very close to the light despite all the darkness.


“So, let’s start!”

You will meet Mr. Jeremy Rifkin. He was Merkel’s industrial and industrial technologies consultant in Germany. He also served as an advisor to the President of China. He’s also my new chief industrial transformation consultant. Daron Acemoglu, who is shown among the top 10 economists of the world, will be with us. I am one hundred percent sure that Mr. Acemoglu will receive the Nobel Prize in the coming years. Mr. Öztrak (Party spokesperson) will be in charge of  macroeconomic solutions that will give the country a breath of fresh air. Mrs. (Selin Sayek)  Böke, will head digital development and green transformation. Mr. Hakan Kara and Mr. Refet Gürkaynak, monetary policy. Mr. Ufuk Akçigit, employment policies. Ms. Hacer Foggo will talk about our social policies. The system I have established with these valuable names will quickly pull Turkey out of the dark and into the light. The Republic will rise again, gaining strength from its own essence. So, let’s start.”


After the CHP leader, American author and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin, Bilkent University Department of Economics faculty member Prof. Refet Gürkaynak, Bilkent University faculty member and former CBRT Chief Economist Hakan Kara, CHP Poverty Solidarity Office Coordinator Hacer Foggo, CHP Deputy Chairman and Spokesperson Faik Öztrak, economist Prof. Dr. Ufuk Akçigit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) faculty member Prof. Dr. Daron Acemoglu took to the podium, explaining their proposals for rebuilding Turkey.


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