ANALYSIS:  Erdogan reaches out to two opposition parties to join his alliance. He is rudely rejected

According to pro-opposition press, Turkey’s president Erdogan is afraid of losing 2023 parliamentary elections. Last week, he urged the leader of the third largest party and a constituent of the main opposition bloc Table of Six, Mrs Aksener to join his Republican Alliance. According to Haberturk  columnist  Muharrem Sarikaya, a similar offer was made to the tiny Islamist party, SP, which is also in the opposition camp. Veteran Ankara affairs correspondent Murat Yetkin asserts Erdogan is trying to broaden AKP-MHP Republican Alliance, in case these two parties lose 2023 elections.


The chairwoman of the Good (İYİ) Party Meral Aksener, has refused President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s proposal to quit the oppositional alliance and join the ruling alliance after the deadly terror attack in Istanbul.


“We are not a political party that needs to hear the definition of what is national and local from Mr. Erdoğan and his aides. We are a political party that firmly rejected the 2017 referendum that brought about today’s weird government system,” Akşener told reporters late on Nov. 17.

The Good Party has not changed its position on these issues and today is defending the things that it had defended, Akşener stressed, “Therefore we are not going sit on the gambling table where the future of our people is wasted.”


President Erdoğan, in an interview with the journalists on his return from Indonesia, called on the Good Party to quit the oppositional Nation Alliance and show that it favors national interest in the aftermath of the deadly terror attack in Istanbul.

Muharrem Sarikaya wrote in his Sunday column

“The remarkable visit of the AK Party delegation to the Felicity Party’s (SP) Nuremberg organization apparently aimed at recruiting the party to the ruling coalition.


Deputy Chairman Bülent Kaya, who accompanied SP leader Karamollaoglu during his visit to Germany, conveyed in our conversation yesterday.


When the AK Party delegation said, “Our President’s vote rate exceeds 45%, show your support and let’s finish this job”, the SP organization issued the party programs and reminded that the SP wanted a parliamentary system and replied, “You support our candidate.”



Murat Yetkin writes: “President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the first time started to express his concerns about the fact that he may lose the 2023 election on his return from the G20 summit in Indonesia to the Table of Six, even though ToS appears to be skidding in the polls in recent months.

Erdogan’s offer to Akşener to “reconsider his position both to leave this table and to take a national and local stance” brought to mind three things at first:

1- The contact with the HDP for the constitutional amendment hit the rock of the MHP and backfired,

2- MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli’s call to Akşener to “come home” before,

3- Erdogan sees the split of the Six Table as a guarantee of winning the election”.


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Erdogan’s fear of ceding the Grand Assembly to the opposition bloc is confirmed by former AKP deputy and currently advisor to IYIP Mr Turhan Comez.  In a recent TV interview, he claimed   that Erdogan told to his associates regarding the opposition, “Maybe they will win. Even if they win, their rule will not last more than 1 and a half and 2 years”.

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Published By: Atilla Yeşilada

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